Go Deeper Launch Film

Project Overview.

Where historically Sciex’s technical innovation would be front and centre of a product launch, this year’s latest product required a slightly different approach.

In line with the wider 2022 strategy of customer-centricity, told through the lens of customer ‘pursuits’, Pebble was tasked with launching to market Zeno SWATH DIA. SWATH acquisition has always been a game changer for researchers in a number of markets including proteomics and metabolomics, but when combined with 2021’s ZenoTOF 7600 machine, Sciex’s new SWATH acquisition product is set to unlock infinite possibilities.

Creative Development.

We devised a concept which retired the old product-focused model and instead looked outside the lab, at the real world impact that this innovation can enable. SWATH being notoriously complex to explain and understand, we harnessed metaphors to take our audience on a journey across very real landscapes which would represent their world of research. These landscapes would speak to the intrepid and sometimes rugged nature of scientific pursuits, while the script would eloquently land the key proof points.

This approach would require first-class animation techniques to produce original environments to a photo-real standard, complete with stunning visual effects to bring the product to life.

Greyscale digital sketch of the mountain featured in our 'Go Deeper' launch film.
Greyscale digital sketch of mountain rocks carved into the shape of a realistic heart, from our 'Go Deeper' launch film.

Working with an ambitious timeline, our team of animators worked across multiple disciplines to make the film possible. Using a combination of World Creator, Unreal Engine, C4D and After Effects, we began to build our own natural world, with hidden features in the landscape which would only be revealed through specific camera moves.

Proteins were 3D modelled and hidden in the forest floor, representing the potential of SWATH DIA to identify and quantify the lowest abundance proteins, unlocking the efforts of drug discovery.

Post Production.

ASMS 2022 provided a key date in the diary to launch the film, building excitement for the upgrade. The annual conference in Minneapolis would be the first in-person event for many people since 2019, and a key opportunity to launch ‘ZenoSWATH’ and for expert sales representatives to answer any further questions in person.

Still frame from our 'Go Deeper' launch film, showing a photorealistic animated desert.
Still frame from our 'Go Deeper' launch film, showing a top down view of a photorealistic animated forest.
Still frame of our 'Go Deeper' launch film, of an animated area graph showing how Zeno SWATH DIA performs better than its old model.
Still frame from our 'Go Deeper' launch film showing purple and blue lights covering a photorealistic animated forest floor at night time.
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