VR: The Ultimate Training Tool

VR: The Ultimate Training Tool

From colossal conglomerates to small start-ups, one universal truth will always ring true. The key to success is your staff. Virtual Reality videos are now being used as a tool to train workforces. This tech is allowing companies to get the most out of their teams and we’ve pulled together five benefits of VR training, to help you make the most out of yours.

1. Real(ish)

Forget forms, forget vague questions. This virtual technology will allow you to create an experience much closer to real life, where every variable and scene can be controlled or tailored. Not only will the experience be more realistic, the person’s reaction will be too – enabling you to better judge your bright eyed, potential new employee.

Whereas with a form you may overthink your answer, staff members or a potential employee’s reaction to a Virtual Reality situation will be more instant and more true to real life. Unlike days of past, when you’d spend 7 hours filling out a Saturday job form, only to find out the kid down the street got it, with Virtual Reality software, your wit and charm might just win you the job.

2. Just Do It

Learning by doing is a proven thing. Staff training videos straight outta 1987, dodgey hair included, are not conducive to retaining information. Observing just won’t cut it.

VR tech is continuing to develop, including move controllers with haptic technology (tech that makes your handset happily buzz). Utilising handsets as well as headsets will increase its hands on nature, levels of immersion and ultimately its power as a teaching tool.

Best Western have won a prestigious hospitality award for their use of a virtual reality training programme. As part of their “I Care, Every Guest, Every Time” initiative, Front of House, restaurant and cleaning staff can practice interpersonal skills – improving not only the working environment, but the experience of hotel guests.

3. Safety First

Health and safety is important to most businesses and obviously some industries will be more dangerous than others. If your company is the risk taking, rev your Motorcycle, James Dean of the corporate world, then VR devices might be a safer way to train your workforce.

This technology can train your staff in how to react best when confronted with dangerous scenarios; all from the comfort of a controlled safe environment. Don’t worry though, it isn’t just for the rebellious Hollywood types, in fact, Samsung Electronics have been using it to train those working in their factories. This Korean electronics company believes that as well as being safe, using VR as a training tool has saved on resources including space and money.

4. It’s MeasurableVR Training

Data. Numbers. Analytics. You’d be hard pressed to find an industry in which these words are not banded about more regularly than your morning coffee. As well as giving employees immediate feedback, Virtual Reality training will allow you to gather data, letting you keep track of staff performances. This is a great way to see how staff members improve over time and tailors your training to specific employees.

5. It’s Cost EffectiveVirtual Reality and training

If your company is spread all over the globe, then listen up. Although on the surface flying all your staff from various locations to a “retreat”, aka a 4-day training course, seems like a good idea – it is an expensive one. Virtual Reality training experiences will allow you to train staff wherever they may be; saving you money and travel time. Oh rejoice, the geographically challenged.

With all that time saved on not jetting off in a company branded jet, you have plenty of time to train up your staff in a much more efficient way. VR can only seek to improve the way your employees progress and it can even be used to help new starters. A 360 video of your office space or Virtual Reality introduction of each staff member would help newbies familiarise themselves and feel more comfortable in their job. But remember, it is not just for the big tech companies, businesses of all shapes and sizes can reap its benefits – so why not drop us a line and we’ll have your staff shooting off to a virtual beach bar in no time.

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