Viral Videos: How to brainstorm the next big thing

Viral Videos: How to brainstorm the next big thing

In today’s modern world of virtually real living rooms, constant social conversation and more augmented apps than you can cram into any reputable app store, it can be hard to stand out from the marketing crowd.

Amid the many content videos out there, to compete, you need to be relevant, engaging and/or funny, all at the same time – not an easy ask. But, one foolproof way to do that, is to create your own viral masterpiece.

“On the pulse brands can tap into the connective power of social media to launch their own content film into the viral stratosphere”

Forget the old types of viral hits you used to see floating round the internet, like cats playing keyboards and riding vaccum cleaners, the modern viral hit is savvier than that. On the pulse brands can tap into the connective power of social media to launch their own content film into the viral stratosphere.

With the right thought behind it, clever audience targeting and a clear, simple idea, going viral is well within reach. So, how do you get there in the first place? We pulled together some of our top tips on how to hold the perfect brainstorm, guaranteed to set you off down the viral video road.

 1) Budget means nothing

Tell this to any producer and they’ll almost immediately disagree but our first tip in understanding how to brainstorm a viral hit is accepting that some of the best viral wonders have nothing to do with big budgets.

Any ideas you’ve got that a viral video has to be mad expensive or ridiculously time consuming, are most likely wrong. A good viral video is simple, funny and more often than not, a bit silly. Think more about what people will find funny or relatable, then work from there. Take this Dollar Shave club film, for example. They had almost no budget, no time and no cast. Instead, they scripted this in the space of a couple of days, shot it in their warehouse and used their own staff. The result? A big, fat, viral hit.

2) Never shoot down an idea

One of the key things to keep in mind for your viral brainstorm, or really any brainstorm, is that you should never shoot down an idea in the early stages. Often, the best viral videos seem completely ridiculous and you’ll find yourself asking “How did they even come up with that?” Get your best creative minds in one room and just bounce ideas off each other.

If someone’s got a madcap idea, try and develop on it and see where it goes. Even if you don’t end up in the finished place, you might find it takes you further down the right road. Doritos, no stranger to creating comedy, saw their 2016 Crash the Superbowl ad go viral with more than 17 million views – created by a keen consumer. Imagine how this brainstorm went

3) Think about influencers

When you’re brainstorming initial concepts, don’t underestimate the power of an influencer. Featuring a recognisable face from the social world, like an Instagram celeb or well known vlogger, could give your video that virality It needs.

Even if it’s not the face in front of the camera, teaming up with an influencer platform could launch your masterpiece into viral space.

Targeting tradesmen, we teamed up with industry platform On The Tools to create a couple of loosely Olympic themed films for Direct Line for Business, which made it to the dizzying heights of viral video status, with 12 million views.

4) Keep it casual

There should be no pressure at a viral brainstorm session. In fact, a good brainstorm doesn’t even have to be in a meeting room. If you’re trying to force yourself to think of an idea, it’s never going to work. Viewers can instantly tell when something’s been forced and fitted into a box which is meant to go viral. Instead, meet somewhere you feel relaxed or go out for a coffee.

Changing up the scene can help the creative juices flow and you’re much more likely to come up with a viral hit if you’re naturally thinking about what you’d find funny. Or, if that doesn’t work, take Old Spice’s approach. They were keeping it super casual when they came up with steamy viral vid, racking up 54 million views.

5) Viral doesn’t have to mean funny

Or last tip is just as relevant as the first and an important one to bear in mind when brainstorming for a viral video. It’s true that most marketing films go viral for their hilarious theme or ridiculous content, but equally, you can get big ticket views by creating content which is relatable or champions an issue. If your brand isn’t about comedy, think about tackling it from a more emotive point of view. What will your viewers respond to? What emotions do you want to evoke with your viral piece’s message?

This final video in our list has got the most views of all the viral hits we’ve run through, with a staggering 63 million hits and an incredibly moving message at its heart. Always’ ‘Like A Girl’ campaign set out to change the minds of millions when it came to their opinions on what like a girl actually means and the result was remarkable. Take a look.

With so many viral hits out there and a wealth of companies always looking to join the million viewer ranks, you’ve got be clever with your content. Putting in place a solid brainstorm is the first place to start and once you’ve got that down and a killer idea, you’ll be well on your way to viral stardom.

If you’re looking to create your own content, why not drop us a line? Or better still, let’s grab a coffee

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